By Martin Swanzey

What’s Around the Corner?

Children’s Book

In this story a cylindrical Little Block strengthens body and mind by braving the walk home. Little Block’s mother helps Little Block to cope with fears by openly addressing and managing them together. Anxiety is difficult to navigate, but Mom and Little Block find their way home by understanding situations that at first glance seem scary.

Children’s Author

Martin Swanzey

Martin Swanzey is the creative mind behind the magical world of the Brave Shapes book series. Living in New Jersey with his wife and four sweet daughters, Martin is a family man and dedicated teacher in New York City.

Martin’s passion for teaching spills over into his enchanting books, designed to inspire self-confidence, healthy habits, and loads of FUN.

Other Books

Keep Trying: Understanding Strengths

Keep Trying! Understanding Strengths, the second book in the Brave Shapes series, seeks to teach children that everyone has his or her own strengths.

Coming Soon: Everything is Overwhelming

Everything is Overwhelming, the third book in the Brave Shapes series, teaches children useful strategies for organizing their busy days. 

Free Resources

Coloring Pages: Keep Trying

Coloring Pages: What’s Around the Corner?

Social Emotional Learning Lessons


My boys are obsessed with all of the Brave Shapes books. They ask me to read them every day and they read them on their own too! We love the images and the lessons in each of these books. 

– Douglas F.

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